We have a variety of school horses to suit all different needs. Come and meet some of our lovely school horses..

Sir Denzel (Zee) 


Age: 9

Breed: Thoroughbred

This guy is our gentle giant! He loves to jump and is very willing, this guy is a lot of fun to ride. He is the newest horse to Wollemi Hills. He has loads of potential and will be suitable for our older teenager and adults to ride. We are so excited to have him as a part of our team.




Height: 13.2 hands

Colour: Grey

Age: 22

Breed: Pinto x Arabian

Kommanche is a cheeky pony with a great personality. He has been at Wollemi Hills for 12 years now. He was the pony that all of us grew up riding. Used to kids and nothing much phases him. He has had a lot of miles and will give anything a go. He will grow on you like he has us, this guy is definitely a part of the family.




Breed: Appaloosa

Age: 22

Height: 14″2 hands

Rusty was the horse I learned to ride on. We grew a lot together going on trails and trying out new things. He loves food and will eat almost anything 🙂