Do you have an issue you’ve been trying to nip in the bud the last couple of weeks maybe months or even years?

This is where you should be…

Welcome to our Intensive Training Package!  will see you move mountains and catch up on some much needed time with your horse. You will be guided by our instructor to put steps in place to overcome the issues you may be dealing with or you may use it as just a time to improve your riding and build a better connection with your horse.

A Lot of horses will get sent away to trainers to have their issues resolved but you are then sometimes left unaware of how to fix the issue if it should rear it’s head again. During this time we not only teach the horse but we teach you how to teach your horse. That way you have understanding, tools, and skill set so you can solve the issue next time it happens and you aren’t left not know what to do. AND YOU ALSO GET TO WALK AWAY WITH THAT AWESOME FEELING OF KNOWING YOU’RE THE ONE WHO SOLVED THE ISSUE!

Here is What’s Included!

– 90 minutes of private Coaching per day.

– It may include a Trainer Ride if it seems appropriate to provide a certain education to the horse, (This time may be taken out of the 90minutes training. (or can be added as extra add on to your program at the rate of $40per ride/session. e.g add $120 if you wish to have a trainer each day whilst horse is visiting).)

– Boarding for the Horse. We will happily feed and rug your horse for you. (You will need to supply your horses feed and rugs etc.)

– Full access to Wollemi Hills Grounds in which you can continue to practice your training at no extra cost during the time of stay. (Please note you will be required to use areas that are not in use by staff at that time.)

You can either do

3 Days – $330
5 Days – $550

*days must be done consecutively. We may be able to make the odd exception please chat to Aleana.



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