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Horse Ownership Basics!

It’s what you’ve been waiting for…
Horse Ownership Basics CLINIC!
If you identify with any of these below this clinic is for you:
– “I’m looking for our first horse!” “My child wants a pony! HELP!”
– “My child wants to start competing but I feel way in over my head!”
-“I have a horse but feel a little overwhelmed”
– “When I walk into the tack shop I feel so out of depth!”
– “I want a horse but they are so expensive how can I do so affordably?”
– “My child has a pony but I don’t know how to help her/him?”
– “It’s been a long time since I’ve owned a horse and I want to brush up on what I need to know.”
We are so excited to offer this first Clinic! We think it will benefit so many of you. It’s a great time to build your confidence and understand horses. We know this phase can be particularly overwhelming so we’re here to bridge the gap and make this transition as smooth as possible. And make some friends who are in the same boat along the way. Learn all our little tips and tricks to make things that little bit easier.
Ask all the questions you have and we’ll do our best to help answer them.
This clinic is targeted towards Adults/Parents and teens who are old enough to take on full (well almost) responsibility of their horse.
Morning tea will be provided.
BYO lunch
Yards for horses can be provided at $20per horse – limited spots available
If you’re having a particular problem with your horse that is stopping you from performing the basic function. The private problem-solving session can be purchased these will be done either before or after the session each day.
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