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Our Riding Lesson Structure.

At Wollemi Hills, it is our intention to teach you everything from the ground up. We believe it is important to not just ride your horse well but also manage them well on the ground. This is why we will be teaching you how to care for a horse on the ground as well as in the saddle.


Types of lessons we provide: 

We allow you to bring your own horse or to ride one of our school horses.

Private Lessons  


Group Lessons (before riding in a group we require that you have 1 private lesson. This allows the instructor to get to know the rider and their level of ability. It will also allow us to match you to the appropriate riding group and horse)

We also provide lessons away from our property and will travel to you.
see below for pricing guidelines.

At the moment our riding lessons will be focused on beginner and intermediate riding abilities as our horses are more suited to those roles. As our herd grows so will our ability to offer more to our students.

Here are some of the things you can expect to learn when working with your horse on the ground: 

  • Being safe around your horse
  • Grooming
  • Showing prep
  • Handling
  • Saddling up
  • Floating
  • Leading
  • Lunging
  • Round yard work
  • Tacking Up
  • Basic First Aid care for your horse
  • Checking vital signs
  • Basic saddle fitting


 This is standard pricing but could be subject to change due to conditions.

Private Lessons

30 minutes Lesson $35
20 minutes of riding and 10 minutes of groundwork.

45 minutes Lesson $50
30 minutes of riding and 15 minutes of groundwork.

1 hour Lesson $60
40 minutes of riding and 20 minutes of groundwork.

Group Lessons

60 min Group Lesson $45pp |20 Ground Work / 40 min Riding
(Group lessons can be arranged for families or for Friends that wish to have their lessons together. Please talk to Aleana if this is something you would like to do)

 Pony Rides

$20 per person
15 minutes
Pony Rides are perfect for the little ones if you have another child riding and a very excited toddler that might not be old enough to get lessons but would love to have a go this is perfect for getting them started. (Keep in mind we do family discounts and this is the price if it was an individual ride)

 Lessons at your place

Travel Rates (Cost is on top of lesson cost)
-10km (Max 20km round trip) – $20 Flat rate

10km – 30km ( Max 60km round trip) – $45

30km – 60km (Max 120km round trip) – $65

60km – 100km (Max 200km round trip) – $120

Pony Rides only $10 for any additional child wanting a ride after your other child’s lesson. Up to 4 years of age.

Please see our info pack to ensure you a fully prepared for your first lesson

Student Welcome Pack

Want to inquire about lesson fill out the form below.


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